Stamped Pumpkin Runner

Customizing home décor doesn’t have to be complicated. If you team up with your kids, it can be a fun afternoon activity as well as a way for them to contribute to the Thanksgiving meal. We’re going to stamp a runner onto a tablecloth.

Start with a light-colored tablecloth, mini pumpkins/gourds and paint. The combination of burnt orange, deep red, golden yellow and a touch of bronze is a classic palette and will lend a refined touch to the children’s effort.

The first step is to simply cut each pumpkin and gourd in half, which leaves you two earth-given, festive little shapes you can dip in paint. We recommend using lids of containers you’d otherwise recycle to hold the paint and allow for stamping.

Since we’re creating a runner effect, fold the tablecloth to expose only the part you want stamped. This will ensure a clean, defined edge—neat lines aren’t always kids’ priority. You could use tape to block off the stamping space as well.

You’re ready to go! Dip halved gourds into the paint and transfer their organic shapes to the cloth. Vary the colors, take turns with the pumpkins and most importantly, enjoy yourselves. In a season of hustle and bustle, take time to slow down and enjoy time where the little ones get your full attention. When it’s time to feast on Thanksgiving Day, family will gather around a table that everyone shared in making not only beautiful, but bountiful.

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